Thursday, 23 February 2012

love at first sight

So a few days ago I went out for lunch on K Rd with a few friends, where I swear I saw the love of my life. The boy sat two tables from us, his attire not the usual of a young adult male. Piercing in the ear. Ring in the nose. Hair shaved completely away on the sides, with hair falling loosely on top. His clothing pieces look as if he just walked out of a Versace campaign, with a heavily print buttoned up top and ankle length printed pants. He wore a short chained neckless and his shoes were sky high creepers. To top it all off his body covered in just the right amount of tattoos. Not to tacky and not to fake. How could this boy be so utterly perfect, his amazing bone structure captured by the shadows and sunlight that the buildings cast. I wonder deep down inside if I will ever have the pleasure of running into this kid and when I do lets hope he swings for the straight team (;

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